Thursday 19 July 2012

Tasting Strange Food

Part One - Kazakhstan Premium Dark Chocolate

The first meeting between Kazakhstan Premium Dark Chocolate and me ended with some headache on my side the next morning. I can’t finally conclude if there is a connection between the consume and my suffering. But after the second time having some pieces of that 80 percent black block happened the same the following morning.

Only after the third time consuming the rest of the 100-gramms-bar during listening to the LP “45:33” of LCD Soundsystem the next morning was like getting dry after a soft bath with the fragrance of lavender.

When you open the box, the sun joins back to the east where it came from. The chocolate is so dark like a night in the tropics. The bottom is smooth, the side above is structured by some monotonous lines. When you break it, the sound gives you the first imagine of bitterness. Touching it is like holding the hand of a woman who don’t want you to do that.

The box is black nearly complete covered by golden ornaments. Main thing is the big blue part in the contour of the country Kazakhstan. There are lines a bit darker than the rest of the blue imaging the sun smiles to the country. Mostly everything is written in cyrillic letters. So it’s not possible for me to read what exactly I ate there. But it’s sure that E476 went through my body. And I guess it was a lot.

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