Friday 3 August 2012

Tasting Strange Food


Part Two - White Something

I've already been full by two portions of tasty Indian masala, when Stéphanie tried to explain that there is still desert in her fridge. She came back with a plate full of sweets and gave me that white something.

She bought it in an Indian Shop and couldn't exactly say what it is. So, I will try it: First of all, this four by four centimeter cube without numbers is not useful to bring you in front during a game. So it's a good idea to follow the philosophy of three years old children who just would put it in their mouth.

In one piece it's too big. And there came the first problem: It turned out that this white something was really hard to break although its rough surface imagined before, it would have to be soft. But the first tiny crumbs I got away from it, changed my gloomy mind into a sunny meadow. So sweet it was, so full of dreams.

I guess it's made out of cocos, almonds, fat and a truck full of sugar. You can't stop eating it although you know that it will cost you at least three months of your life.

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