Friday 26 October 2012

Village Street Art

By joining forces a group of unknown artists are fighting with their pictures, stickers and sculptures to change the grey-minded villages in the deep countryside of Germany, Luxembourg and France into a colourful spectacular place on the stage of a burlesque theatre.

Part Two: They Are Coming

With a collection of his minimalistic paintings at different places an unknown artist obviously tries to warn the people of the French town of Thionville. He will not be angry when we call his cubistic work a combination of a bally face and the aggressive sentence “They are coming”. 

It’s not easy to decide who will come. The painted face creates a lot of possibilities. So nobody can say that it won’t be maybe an international club of Mao Tse Tung lookalikes, isn’t it?

It could be that the same artist had some reactions and decided to try to explain more about the visitors, he seems to be afraid of. He added a lot of moustaches, hair cuttings and hats on his paintings around the town. One reminds us of the Austrian brother of Mao, Monsieur H. A different one let us dream from the late 19th century – le fin siècle. Monsieur Mademoiselle Artist, it’s still hard to know, who you mean!

Conspicuous is the always chosen vicinity to doors, closed gates to a different dimension. It’s not the question what’s behind. It’s the question who has the keys. Whoever will come, they will cross borders. That’s what the artist wants to say.

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