Sunday 16 June 2013

Schlammfußball in Schmelz - Mud soccer in Schmelz

Once a year some girls and guys meet on a creamy ground to try everything to look like sweet and fluffy chocolate bars. They dance the muddy soccer dance. Shaking their butts down to the water soaked field on a cheek of a town called Schmelz in the southwest of Germany. The boys seem like dinosaurs kissing the ground with their whole face, the girls like little fairies just caressing the mud with the peeks of their toes. But all of them are fighting for goals, biting and scratching the ears, throats and necks of their opponents. Putting them down first into the brown, then helping ‘em up again with a sweet smile in the face. They are fucking their muscles to become the champion of the competition.

This year the women team FC Torgeil (Horny for Goals) with a beautiful Australien girl and the Hochwälder Wadenbeißer (Calfbiters) of handsome gentlemen survived the slippery attack of the mud monster. 

But nevertheless, the monster is full. The other teams have never been seen again. Fußfee (Feet Fairy), TC Schlammschneckcher (Mud Mousies), FC Poppopiraten (Buttpirates) and the rest are swallowed down and burn in hell… ‘till next year.

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© Text and pics by Alex Cousteau. The cup was organized by

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