Friday 7 December 2012

Cinema Of Night

Another strange dream while my tired body lay quietly in the bed - I guess.
In the night from thursday to friday, december 7:

All Pigeons Are Gone


The dream is told in seconds: An unknown man and me walked through an unknown city - dry ground, gray cloudy sky without contures. There was no need for warm clothing.

The old man did not lose much time to tell me: "All pigeons are gone!". He had not just discovered it by himself. It was an information, he wanted to give me, and it was the reason for our walk.

I looked around, to the ground, to trees... Exactly, there were no pigeons anymore. Even their white shit points were gone.

I don't know what this shall mean. I'm not interested in pigeons and I've never thought about them. So - who cares, old man? What did you want to tell me by this dream!? Please come again - I'm still thinking about it!

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