Monday 17 December 2012

Cinema Of Night

In the night from sunday to monday, december 17:

I find myself laying in my bed, on my back, my head a bit to the right. My bed touches the wall on its left and headside. The mattress is very close to my wooden ground.

I open my eyes and look into the faces of two women kneeing on my right side. Close to my chest. Some wisps of their hair break the diffuse orange light from the street coming into my dark room through the narrow path between curtain and wall. Their faces are dark, but I can see some contures. And I can see the few light reflecting in their eyes!

They look at me. The women who is kneeing closer to my head makes a little movement as if she wants to find a better position to sit more comfortable on her legs. In this she bends forward a bit and her slightly tousled hair reacts in the normal physical way! I can hear the sound of her clothes at this moment! This woman smells of existence.

For a while we are looking at each other. Some seconds, then the closer one whisper: "What are you doing?" ("Was machst Du?"). They wait silently a bit. Then both disappear. I needs some moments to understand. Then I straighten and finally stand up to examine my flat.

I can't say, when I really woke up. Maybe at the moment, they "disappeared". Maybe not. There was no feelable break between opening my eyes and now.

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