Tuesday 17 July 2012

How To Pick Up Latvian Hitchhikers

While Lukas and Gregorius were entering the highway by foot on the same way where cars are rushing likes planes, I picked them up. As they said they had started in Latvia last Monday to come straight down through whole Eastern Europe until I found them now on Saturday eve at the exit of the city of Merzig, direction Luxembourg.

- Where do you wanna go?
- Luxembourg, the city, 
Lukas said quiet busy speaking English. So I decided to let them calm down first with good music. I chose “All I need” played by Air for Lukas’ and Gregorius’ ears and mind, surely tired after a long day hitchhiking, made it loud and put my foot soft but strong on the gas pedal. The next five minuts we three young guys slipped in my black car with shiny chrome lines over the street like on hot butter. Smooth, without saying any words, just enjoying the beginning of the night.

After the song I put down the loudness and asked them, what their final destination is.
- Luxembourg?
- No, we don’t have a final destination,
Gregorius said. They are just going around Europe. But not down until Spain, Lukas answered to another question of me. No, they will see, they are free. They have some weeks, and then they must be back in Latvia in some weeks. I told them about my good experiences by hitchhiking in England some weeks ago, if they want to go there.

Then Cattenom came in our sight, spitting big white clouds with bitter taste into the sky. Like lying clothes making ugly girls beautiful.  I told my new Latvian friends about this nuclear plant and the problems we have with it, asking the French government to switch it off, which is more like praying to somebody invisible who is not part of our religion. And they listened quietly.

After crossing the highway bridge across the river Mosel and entering Luxembourg country, I brought Lukas and Gregorius down to a big gas station. I hope they were lucky to find another car before dusk has ended in the night. I would had bring them to the capital by my own, we missed 30 kilometers. But compared to them I had a final destination - in nearby France and I was in a hurry. What important I had to do in France… that will tell you soon this blog.


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