Sunday 15 July 2012

Village Street Art

By joining forces a group of unknown artist are fighting with their pictures, stickers and sculptures to change the grey-minded villages in the deep countryside of Germany, Luxembourg and France into a colourful spectacular place on the stage of a burlesque theatre.

Part 1 - In the middle of Losheim

A green picture on white underground saying "Fuck you"
The unknown artist - expressing his power by spartanous art - has chosen a not so quiet street to print his work. The wall is the sidewall of a house in a little street crossing a big street with lot of traffic. On the big street from the left side cars can see you very soon because of a big open place. By night their lights must have hit the artist and put him in an appropriate spot for his show, which must not have taken longer than five seconds.

The artist has chosen a spray with bright green colour. He decided to spray just by one time. "Fuck you" is put not under but on the hand which form tells a lot about the artists incredible anger. At who? He remains silent. So we will never know.

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